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Colorado rapper and producer Michael Jay, came onto the scene early 2015 with a slew of music and group projects with Visionary Tribe. (Rap Group) In 2016 he released two mix-tapes, "Live The Moment" a 17 track tape and "Destined" a 6 track tape. In March 2017 Jay released "All In" a 6 track mix-tape, storytelling his desire to be an artist, and what lead him on that path. In April 2017 his debut music video "Global" featuring TJ Preme, dropped.


 Later that year in October 2017, Visionary Tribe dropped its debut music video "Retro" which received over 22 thousand views on YouTube. Jay along with Visionary Tribe put out a 13 track mix-tape on January 18th 2018 (VTV1) and on April 20th 2018 he dropped "Autodidact" a 9 track mix-tape with singles "Committed" and "Doubt" featured. In August 2018 he released a EP called “Accelerate” 

 All of his projects are available on his Soundcloud. His EP’s are steaming on (Apple Music Spotify Etc) His latest Project dropped January 16th 2019 "Situations - EP" is available now.

Follow on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.   @ItzMichaelJay 

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