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Basecamp.  A new beginning.

In the fall of 2011, a dream that many would consider unobtainable or outright insane was created.  A group of childhood friends came together with a single and formidable vision.  A musical vision inspired by the multitude of artists and scenes that they encountered throughout their lives.  A vision that stemmed away from social constructs and stigmas.  With this idea, Basecamp was created.  Backed by a team of diverse artisans; from film making to operations management and first and foremost the talented artists that bring this movement to life.  For the last 9 years, B-Lev, Michael Jay, and TJ Preme have created works of art unheard of ever before.  The music created contains many influences from the emergence of hiphop to present day.  From conversing with Kanye West during the making of MBDTF, smoking a spliff with Wiz Khalifa and critiquing Taylor Allderdice, to sipping 30 year Glenfiddich with Drake at the Pepsi Center, this triage of artists come packing a powerful blow with their cadence, wordplay, and formulas of making music that will have you thrashing around without distorting the lyricism.  With the prominent social media mogul, businesswoman, and model Amber Rose as their sister, they are in touch with the most lavish lifestyle while being in contact with their roots of coming from nothing.  Basecamp has connects all over the world, and has sat on them until the perfect moment to unveil this unstoppable wave.  Welcome to camp. 









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